What’s next for education? Wearable technologies!

What’s next for education? Wearable technologies!

Fitbit for learning, anyone? Imagine a targeted alert system where the student is personally notified when an assignment is due, or when grades have been posted, or when the next big game is scheduled? Imagine a targeted notification system when, for example, the balance on student’s meal plan is under threshold?

SaaSification of education

Most edtech companies will be working on plans to convert?their on-premise/hosted solution to a SaaS model during the year 2016. This trend will continue this year and probably reach a feverish pace during the year 2017.

Personalized learning pathways

Competency Based Education, Game Based Learning and other personalized learning pathways will become mainstream and will continue to transform learning technologies this year.

Future of education, powered by?Integration

At N2N, we are committed to transforming education by solving the systemic integration issues at the core of administrative information systems. N2N’s Integration Platform (now called “Illuminate“) is at the core of our offering to support the future of education. During year 2015, we have entered into?following strategic collaborations to support educational institutions and leading edtech companies

  1. N2N’s collaboration with Brandman University and Flat World Knowledge to reimagine Personalized learning?https://www.brandman.edu/mypath/partnerships
  2. N2N’s collaboration with Modo Labs to reimagine the Enterprise Mobile Student Engagement Platform -?https://www.modolabs.com/news-events/modo-labs-and-n2n-services-partnership/
  3. N2N’s collaboration with Indiana Department of Education to reimagine data presentation and data visualization for parents, students and educators in the state?http://www.doe.in.gov/news/indiana-department-education-launches-first-its-kind-mobile-application

During the year 2016, we are looking to transform learning by deploying our real-time, bi-directional APIs (https://illuminateapp.com/apis/sdoc.jsp) at educational institutions.

Powered by N2N’s API Management platform, N2N’s standardized, student information APIs can be used by educational institutions to achieve the following strategic objectives

  1. Share?Student Data with SaaS providers in a secure fashion using turnkey APIs
  2. Expose Student Data to Wearable, mobile and other devices to send targeted alerts and notifications
  3. Synchronize Student Data between SIS and other third-party applications in a real-time fashion


N2N has been a strong proponent of collaboration and we have partnered with over 60 educational institutions and several edtech vendors over the years. We will continue this pursuit during the year 2016 to support the future of learning.

Join us to reimagine education during the year 2016.?

Kiran Kodithala

Founder and CEO,

N2N Services Inc.


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Top IT Issues for 2016

Top IT Issues for 2016

Educause recently published their Research Snapshot, Top 10 IT Issues 2016. We?d like to give you N2N?s perspective on some of these important issues, and our thoughts on how our Illuminate platform can help institutions address these areas.

  1. First on the list is Information Security. This is a perennial concern, and is an area that has consistently, and justifiably, been a top issue for IT leaders. Concern is needed, as our interconnected world opens many avenues for malfeasance. N2N?s Illuminate platform can be an asset here, as one of its core value propositions is to make it easier for users to manage data interconnections between applications. Having a central platform with controls for data exchange and logging of transactions helps users understand where and to whom data is moving.
  2. Educause states that technology leaders must work with academic leadership and faculty to Optimize Educational Technology. That is certainly true, and especially so in today?s fast-moving world where an institution?s perceived competitiveness can be tied to its ability to seamlessly integrate its administrative and academic technologies. N2N?s Illuminate platform has out-of-the-box adapters for many popular ed-tech (educational technology) applications, and also creates application programming interfaces to institutional data that can be leveraged by in-house developers.
  3. Student Success Technologies are critical to improve educational outcomes. Leveraging technology means sharing data, and unfortunately, much institutional data is stuck in its own silo, and each time it needs to be provided to a new, innovative application, a customized interface must be written and maintained. N2N?s Illuminate addresses this by leveraging its core Enterprise Service Bus technology to convert a complex web of interconnections and a ?one-to-one? integration philosophy to a ?one-to-many? paradigm, helping an institution to be nimble in its use of changing tools.
  4. Enterprise Application Integrations (#8)?are a key to efficient and effective institutional operations, and are the core value proposition of the N2N Illuminate platform. The Illuminate platform?s ready-to-use adapters for common educational enterprise applications makes it easy to connect legacy systems to its Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This ?one-to-many? connectivity model allows technical staff to focus on areas where they add unique value to their organization rather than continually building and maintaining a mesh of ?one-off? connections.

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