Why Is Everyone Moving To the Cloud?

Think back to the last time your home computer crashed. Wasn?t it frustrating to lose so much work, and so many memories, all in an instant? So many files and photos, gone ? at least until your computer was repaired. If you were working on something urgent or important, that was just too bad.? And then there was the hassle of waiting for its repair, the cost of fixing it?and maybe the heartbreak of finding out that some of those files really were gone for good.

In fact, your last computer crash may have led you to move all your files to the cloud, so that you wouldn?t ever have to go through that nightmare again.

Organizations across the country are doing the exact same thing.

Businesses are moving to the cloud in droves, and schools and universities are following suit. And it?s not just data security that?s driving this move. There are many other reasons why moving to the cloud is a good idea for any organization ? but especially for educational institutions. Here are just a few:

1. Cost Savings: The cloud stores files and data, yes ? but it can hold software and applications, as well. This means that educational technology that once had to be purchased outright, and then installed and implemented on-premise, can now be easily accessed via the cloud, and paid for on a subscription basis with only minimal infrastructure needing to be installed on-site. The cost savings are enormous, as is the added convenience.

2. Expanded Accessibility: Gone are the days when you had to use a school computer to access school software. With the cloud, faculty and administration can access work-related applications and data from their home computers, their tablets, or even their smart phones. This boosts productivity and allows employees to get work done wherever and whenever they need to.

3. Room for Growth: Any growth or changes in your institution are easy to accommodate in the cloud. Subscriptions for storage space or software usage can be ramped up or scaled back as needed, without having to buy anything new or waste school resources on something that?s not being used. This flexibility is a huge benefit in today?s agile business environment.

4. Automatic Updates: In order to ensure that your school?s systems are always at their best, frequent software updates are required. When an in-house IT team is responsible for every single one, resources can be strained ? and some updates might even be missed, leaving your technology open to problems. Storing your school?s applications in the cloud means that every single update necessary for each and every one of your programs will be automatically and instantly applied, no matter what.

A growing number of schools and universities are finding that moving to the cloud is saving them money, time, and hassles, while increasing their productivity and flexibility. That?s why everyone is moving to the cloud.

And that?s also why the N2N Integration Cloud is such a powerful tool for educational institutions. By providing schools with the ability to consolidate all their legacy systems into one cloud-based hub, the NIC allows them all the business benefits of the cloud, created especially with the needs of schools in mind. ?Contact us today to learn more about what the N2N Integration Cloud can do for your school.

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