So, What Exactly is iPaaS?

When cloud computing burst onto the scene, it took a while for businesses to see the possibilities. What exactly was this new technology? Was it safe? Was it practical? Was it cost-effective?

As people began to use and understand the cloud, they saw that the answer to all their questions was a resounding yes, that using cloud applications was no different from using locally installed applications. The cloud allowed businesses to easily store and access data and applications using any device, without having to deal with expensive hardware purchases. This boosted productivity and efficiency, while driving down costs.

Here at N2N Services, we give schools access to all the benefits of the cloud via our N2N Integration Cloud.

But that?s not all that NIC does.

Evolving technology allows us to view cloud-based systems as consolidated platforms rather than single applications. This has led us to the concept of the iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service.?). And that?s exactly what the N2N Integration Cloud is.

Organizations use iPaaS as a central hub to integrate every single one of the applications they use ? whether cloud-based or on-premise.

So for example, if an institution has a legacy system in place on-premises, and also uses a few cloud-based SaaS applications from different companies – and needs the flexibility to add even more applications in future ? iPaaS creates a single, simple platform through which data can pass between any and all of those systems. But even better, iPaaS acts as a translator for each application, fully integrating all of them so that communication between them is seamless.

This is what NIC does for schools.

Using iPaaS means there is no hardware to install in many cases, except as may be required for some types of system connections. It means that there is no on-premises middleware to manage and support between applications or between school and system. Our “concierge approach,” leveraging the iPaaS means we provide application integration as a service, with no lengthy training required for implementation. It simply and elegantly integrates all application data into one central system.

One ?dashboard in the NIC allows administrators to view and monitor transactions that pass through the system?to ensure that information input into any one application will instantly be shared with all other participating applications as well, so that all systems are always up-to-date and coordinated.

All this sharing and communication does not, however, translate into less data security. On the contrary, an iPaaS allows for central management and monitoring of data transfers, helping to ensure compliance with all regulations.

What it does translate into is the ability to reallocate human resources to tasks more important than simple data transactions, or as we like to say, “transaction herding.” No longer will employees need to update several different systems with new data, or search through several different applications to find information. iPaaS automates those tedious tasks, freeing up resources for other projects.

The N2N Integration Cloud is an iPaaS offering designed specifically for educational institutions. We here at N2N Services understand the unique needs of educational institutions, and have created a system that applies the latest in enterprise technology to the world of higher education. Contact us today for more information on how the N2N Integration Cloud works, and how it can benefit your school, your faculty and staff, and your students.

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