How API Management Will Make or Break Your Organization in 2019

How API Management Will Make or Break Your Organization in 2019

Okay, okay, we know that title makes a pretty bold claim.

You may be saying to yourself, I don’t even know what an API is. My organization has gotten this far without messing around with API management, as far as I know – how on earth could it make or break us?

Or conversely, you might be thinking, hey, I don’t need to worry! My organization has a crack IT team that eats APIs for breakfast! We’ve got this.

But here’s the thing.

Tech is at a tipping point. Organizations that just keep on keeping on, doing the same old same old, aren’t going to be the organizations that survive the next few years, let alone pull ahead of the pack to become industry leaders.

2019 is the year to rethink your IT strategy, and put your organization in a position to evolve and grow along with tech, rather than being blindsided by it.

And a huge part of doing so lies in API management.


Let’s take a look.

What is API Management?

First, we need to define some terms.

APIs are the little snippets of code that connect your organization’s apps, databases, and other programs so that they can communicate. They provide the pathways that allow you to automatically send data from an app to your database, for example, or vice versa.

API management gets into the way you create those connections – those APIs. Up until recently, most organizations have had to resort to custom coding – paying their IT teams, or outside programmers, to come in and spend weeks or even months writing custom code to connect each new app they want to add to every other app, database, and program they use.  It’s an expensive, time-consuming, and inelegant process that results in a tangled web of connections that gets even more complex every time an addition is made.

However. As we said before, tech is at a tipping point. New apps and new devices are being developed every day. And some of those innovations will soon become necessary tools for your organization, just like the internet, the cloud, and mobile apps did.

Do you really want to have to spend huge amounts of time and money on coding every single time you need to use a new tool, only to add even more layers of complexity to an already unwieldy conglomeration of connections?

How Can API Management Make or Break My Organization?

So now we get to the big question. If you handle API management the old-fashioned way, you’ll be losing money, losing time – and losing your place in your industry to other organizations that are already prepared for the future.

But if you put one simple API management tool in place today, you can simplify the tangle, cut costs, and make adding new apps a snap.

N2N’s Illuminate is an API management platform that allows even laymen to create APIs in minutes, no coding necessary. It connects all your organization’s apps, databases, and programs in a simple, elegant way, allowing seamless data transfer without the hassle of individually connecting each one manually.  It enables organizations to quickly and easily add new apps without having to hire programmers or eat up all their IT team’s valuable time.

Being agile enough to adapt quickly, no matter what tech the future holds, is the key to success in 2019 and beyond. And API management is the key to that agility.

If you want to prepare your organization for the future, give N2N a call today.

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