Integrating Slate With Banner? There’s An App For That!

Integrating Slate With Banner? There’s An App For That!

Working in college admissions is a lot like that Daft Punk song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”


(With significantly fewer robot voices involved, of course.)


(Unless someone in your department has one of those voice changer toys in his desk drawer, and a lot of free time on his hands…)


(But we digress.)


The goal of Admissions is always to become better, faster, more accurate – to gain that edge.


So integrating your department’s software with your institution’s SIS just makes sense.


And if you’re specifically trying to integrate Slate with Banner, then you’re in luck! Google “integrate Slate with Banner” and you’ll find guides galore, pages describing the existing integration options Slate boasts, and even PowerPoints from conferences giving step-by-step instructions for the integration process.


The common theme in all of these resources?


Don’t panic. It seems complicated, but if you keep things simple and only focus on a few really important areas, it’ll be okay.


And sure, it’s nice that they’re trying to reassure you and all, but it also makes you wonder…is it really that simple, if they have to tell you to calm down?


Here at N2N, we’re not going to tell you to calm down.


We don’t need to, because our Illuminate platform, and its add-on module IDMatch, make integrating Slate with Banner truly simple.


Intuitive, even.


With Illuminate and IDMatch, you don’t have to “only focus on a few areas,” or “keep it simple.”

You can fully integrate all the data from Slate into Banner on an ongoing basis, and not only that – you can be absolutely sure that no duplicate records are ever created during the process. You can even customize the types of data you want to filter incoming data by, in order to make absolutely sure no duplicates slip through the cracks.


All as easy as 1, 2, 3.


In fact, implementation is so simple that you don’t even need programmers to handle it.  Illuminate’s intuitive wizard-like interfaces guide even laymen through the process with ease, and the N2N team is always available to help with any special needs or questions that may arise.


Illuminate is a turnkey API management platform that can be used for integrations of all types, and for institutions of any size. It allows users to easily connect their SIS and ERP systems, whether on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud, to any other system or vendor requiring real-time or scheduled data synchronization, and is one of the few platforms available that does not require complex programming to create APIs.


IDMatch is a fully-customizable, turnkey, automated add-on module for Illuminate that enables higher ed institutions to check student applications (or any other student data feed) against existing student records, in order to eliminate duplicates and filter based on the data of their choosing, and then integrate into their SIS.


Together, these tools are a powerful solution for admissions departments looking for that edge.


Here’s what a typical day with IDMatch and Illuminate might look like for your admissions department: You come into the office and log into IDMatch. Overnight, multiple student applications came through Slate and were instantly filtered by custom data fields you chose during IDMatch set-up, to check for duplicate records in Banner. You’ve got some records that need to be checked, so you quickly scan IDMatch’s color-coded data fields to verify whether those records are in fact duplicates, or not. You mark each accordingly, and then IDMatch and Illuminate handle the rest, integrating only accurate data into Banner and eliminating the confusion of duplicate records.


Simplicity? Check.


Automation? Check.


Accuracy? Check.


Speed? Check.


Peace of mind? Check.


Better? Faster? Stronger? You’d better believe it.

So if you’re ready to give your admissions department an edge, then give N2N a call today. We can answer any questions you may have, or even hook you up with a free demo. We may need to calm you down afterwards – but only because you’ll be so excited about using Illuminate and IDMatch at your institution.

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