Integration: Ushering in the Future

Integration: Ushering in the Future

Quick – which version of the iPhone is in your pocket right now, and which version of iOS is it running?


Is your organization still using Basecamp 2, or have you made the leap to Basecamp 3?


Or how about this one – which crucial project were you in the middle of, when Windows decided to force its latest update on your computer?


Have you had to take your car to the dealership to get it reprogrammed, or does it get over-the-air updates?


Is there any tech out there today that doesn’t need an upgrade every few years?


The truth is, almost no new tech truly lasts – whether it’s replaced by a newer version or just never quite catches on (ahem, Google Glass).


Anyone hoping to futureproof their organization through the purchase of some cutting-edge new gadget or software is pretty much destined for disappointment.


And of course, it’s not just the apps and devices themselves that evolve – new capabilities, previously undreamt of, are constantly reshaping the digital landscape. Digital assistants…augmented reality…chatbots… Who knows what will be coming down the pipeline in the decades ahead?


One such sea change has, of course, been the shift to SaaS and cloud-based apps and platforms across the enterprise.


And predictably, those apps – and the ways organizations access and integrate them – have evolved, as well.


But that’s where things get interesting.  




What if, now, you could make a tech purchase that would futureproof your organization?


What if, now, you could find an app that wouldn’t be obsolete after a few years – and in fact, was specifically designed to make dealing with as yet unknown tech simple and seamless for decades to come?


What if, now, you could strategically position your organization to instantly take advantage of the next wave of tech development, get ahead of the competition, and reap the rewards in your bottom line?


In the midst of the flashy SaaS explosion, a quiet but crucial element of enterprise cloud computing has been steadily gaining a larger and larger following of passionate devotees.


That element? It’s an API management platform!


The Illuminate app – an API management platform that enables you to effectively futureproof your organization.  


How does it accomplish this previously unachievable feat?


Let’s say you’re the CIO of a university system. You’ve seen the evolution of both hardware and software over the years, and you’ve got the systems and programs in place to prove it – legacy, on-premise databases, some hybrid cloud solutions, and a mish-mash of SaaS apps chosen by different employees and each connected (hopefully!) to everything else by your programmers, so that data can flow freely between them all.


You’re fully aware that every time a new app needs to be added into the mix, your programmers will have to get to work again, creating new APIs, integrating it into the mesh, thereby making it even more convoluted than it already is.


From that perspective, the future looks expensive, labor-intensive, and complex.


And new developments in tech? Not necessarily something to be excited about.


Illuminate brings the excitement back.


With Illuminate, new apps, new functionalities, and even those as-yet unimagined tech innovations can all be simply, quickly, and affordably integrated with your existing systems and apps – which, themselves, can also be integrated much more elegantly through Illuminate.


With Illuminate, you can turn your focus entirely towards finding the tools to take your organization to the next level, rather than worrying about the IT implications.


Here’s how it works.


Imagine that each SaaS app, and every system or database you have in place, is an island. Data needs to be sent from each island to every other island, in the small island nation that is your organization. (Pina colada, anyone?) That data used to be carried on slow trading ships (APIs) that would travel from each island to each island, tediously connecting each point one-by-one, creating custom APIs for each pair to interface through.


Illuminate eliminates the need for this process by adding a central island interface to the nation. Now, ships only need to travel from their island to the central island, where they offload their cargo for immediate distribution to all other islands. The Illuminate platform takes the output from one API and transforms it into input for every other API, so that all your islands can communicate seamlessly, and new islands can be added to the nation at any time without anyone even batting an eye.


With Illuminate, you don’t need a stable of programmers in order to integrate new technology. You don’t need hours of coding work, or complex webs of connections. Illuminate allows you to streamline your IT department, cut costs, and increase efficiency – all while positioning your organization to be able to take full advantage of whatever the next wave of tech innovation might bring.


You may want to grab that pina colada now.


It’s time to get excited about IT again.

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