Provost Enthusiasm?

Provost Enthusiasm?

As Provost, it’s your duty (and often a pleasure!) to attend education conferences, learn about the latest and greatest in edtech and higher ed in general, and then bring that newly acquired knowledge back to your university to support the growth and development of your institution. 

But has the following scenario ever happened to you?

You head to a conference and learn about all the exciting new trends in education, the new technology that will create a much richer experience for the entire university community, from students to professors to staff to administration. 

You meet with the tech companies there, hear all about how they can help you with the exact issues you’ve been struggling with, and speak with others who have already implemented them and are seeing great results.

On the flight home, your head is buzzing with excitement at the future, and once back at work, you immediately hold a meeting to share your information and your excitement with everyone.

Of course, everyone agrees that the new tech would be a game changer – but there’s one issue.

Your IT department doesn’t have the time or resources to implement the new solution and integrate it with all the other apps, systems, and databases you currently use.

It would be an enormous and expensive undertaking to take your IT team away from the necessary work they’re doing right now, or to outsource the project to outside programmers. 

So, your enthusiasm dampened, you make do with the status quo, and forego the benefits that new tech would have brought.

If this scenario is familiar to you, then have we got great news for you!

The next time you attend one of those conferences, you can feel free to get completely caught up in all the excitement, certain in the knowledge that whatever new tech tools you’d like to try out on your campus, it’s all possible – and not only possible, but simple and affordable.

How is this possible?

With N2N’s API Management Platform, the Illuminate app.

The Illuminate platform allows even non-IT personnel to easily, quickly, and affordably integrate apps by snapping together ready-made APIs.

But calling N2N to get you set up with Illuminate at your institution not only helps you integrate new apps – it also streamlines and automates data transfer between all of your existing apps, databases, and systems. 

It’s an elegant solution to the integration problem – and it’s worth getting excited about in its own right, too. 

Illuminate enables colleges and universities to innovate in ways that wouldn’t be possible without it. 

We’ve helped entire state college systems integrate all of their institution and student data in order to build massive platforms for students to find and register for the courses they need to graduate in one seamless experience, no matter where their home campus is and where the courses they need are offered. 

We’ve helped universities ensure data quality and automate data transfer, freeing up valuable resources for other, more strategic tasks. 

And we can help you implement any new apps you’d like to try from the latest conference, or develop any brand new interface you can dream up, quickly and affordably – all without taking your IT team away from their work or outsourcing any custom coding.

So give N2N a call today, try a free demo, and put the excitement back in edtech conferences again!

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