The platform you didn’t know you needed

The platform you didn’t know you needed

Have you ever heard of Vitamin K2?


How about calcium?

Of course, right?

Did you know that without Vitamin K2 to regulate its storage and distribution around the body, calcium can actually cause heart disease and cancer?

It’s true. Here we are, giving calcium all the glory, when the whole reason for its benefits is this little-known but crucial vitamin, toiling away quietly but powerfully in the background!

K2 is responsible for putting the calcium where it needs to be – strengthening bones and teeth, for example – and keeping it away from the places it shouldn’t be, like our arteries and kidneys.

It’s the necessary conduit for the safe transmission of calcium all over the body, making sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to now, and safeguarding our bodies for the future.

You might be surprised to learn that in your organization, things work the same way.

The calcium in your organization is the data flowing through all the different apps and programs you use.

If you have them integrated now in a piecemeal sort of way, so the data flows between some but not others, then your organization is K2 deficient.

You’re in danger of calcium build-ups where there shouldn’t be calcium build-ups – data entry bottlenecks or apps that don’t communicate at all.

At N2N, we provide a Vitamin K2 supplement for your business.

Our Illuminate platform is that quiet but powerful conduit, steadily working in the background, getting your data where it needs to go in order to ensure your organization’s health.

Just as Vitamin K2 is crucial to our bodies, an API management platform like Illuminate is crucial to the smooth functioning of your organization.

It allows laymen with no IT experience to snap together APIs in minutes with no coding needed, in order to integrate any apps and programs with any other databases and systems – so the data can get where it’s needed.

It may not be a flashy new customer-facing app – the Vitamin B12 of the tech world, say – but by serving the same purpose as Vitamin K2, Illuminate fills a role essential to any organization.  

It strengthens your bottom line.

Just as K2 puts calcium to good use strengthening your bones and teeth, Illuminate allows your data to work for you at its full potential. By streamlining processes and making sure data instantly gets to wherever it’s needed, Illuminate strengthens your bottom line.

It enables experimentation and innovation.

Strong bones allow you to take on all kinds of adventures and challenges safely. In the same way, Illuminate gives you the support your organization needs to be able to innovate and experiment with new apps freely, without having to worry about IT costs or a lengthy integration process.

It protects you against future health issues.   

Keeping calcium away from danger zones and flowing to the spots where it’s needed, K2 helps to ensure your health for decades to come. Illuminate also prepares you for the future, by making the addition of new apps and programs easy and quick. Whatever new tech the coming years may bring, Illuminate allows you to continue to grow and prosper.

So, although you may not have even known you needed a platform like Illuminate, it’s not exaggerating to say that it can truly make or break your organization. From increasing revenue today to ensuring a solid future, Illuminate is just the vitamin boost your organization needs to succeed. Contact us today for a demo.

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