Why N2N is better than yoga, chocolate, or wine

Why N2N is better than yoga, chocolate, or wine

We’ve all got our own ways of dealing with stress.

Some of us try to prevent it with morning rituals like yoga, meditation, or journaling.

Some of us mindlessly binge on our favorite comfort foods when stress and overwhelm hit.

And some of us break out the adult beverages at the end of a long, stressful day.

But there’s one kind of stress that is so severe, so unbearable, that it can’t be handled with any of those.

And that kind of stress is…  University Staff Back-To-School Stress. 

We can see by the wild look in your eyes right now that you know exactly what we’re talking about. You’ve probably just come through it yourself, sanity barely intact.

It really is too much, you know. Too much for any mortal to endure. 

The last-minute rush to get everyone enrolled, to get everything in place, to make everyone happy, and to ensure everyone’s data is correct and available everywhere it needs to be.    

And yet…it happens every year

Recent research studies have shown that each Fall, 5 years is shaved off each university employee’s life expectancy (well not really, but those studies should be there!), purely because of those first few weeks of back-to-school stress and overwhelm. Veggies, vitamins, Valium – none of it makes a difference. 

So what can you do? 

There is one way, and only one way, to eliminate the stress and counter the ill effects of high volume processes like Fall enrollment.   

And that is to call us here at N2N as quickly as possible.

Here at N2N, we like to think we’re the gurus of enrollment zen, and the prescription for back-to-school panic.  

We take a process that until now has been a universally dreaded, overwhelming mountain to scale…

…and turn it into a simple automated flow.

Our integration platform, Illuminate, allows us to set up an entirely automated process for your college or university, so that when students apply online, their data is seamlessly and automatically checked against your database for duplicate prevention, and then posted into your SIS.   

In fact, Illuminate can integrate every single app and system your institution uses. All that data, double-checked for quality assurance, flowing in real-time to every place it’s needed.

By itself.

No manual data entry or quality assurance processes necessary.

No custom coding necessary, either.

It’s all done for you, as simply and quickly as snapping together a few puzzle pieces.

You and your entire staff can take a deep breath and truly relax, knowing we’ve got it handled.   

Just imagine – no more nervous breakdowns, no more caffeine-induced hallucinations, no more recurring nightmares about August…

The horror is over.

You don’t have to fear Super Enrollment anymore. 

It’s going to be okay.

Just give us a call today, and we can walk you through a free demo, explain how it all works, and then give you a virtual hug – because we know you probably need it, after the August you’ve had. There, there. You’re gonna be just fine.

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