How To Maximize Your University’s Admissions Resources

How To Maximize Your University’s Admissions Resources

You know, you’d think that at an institution of higher learning, of all places, there would be some sort of exception to the whole ‘human limitation’ thing.

Colleges and universities exude an atmosphere of hope, ambition, excitement, drive, innovation, and endless possibilities. 

They’re the breeding grounds for dreams to come true, and bright new futures to be created.

Nevertheless, each day still only has 24 hours, and human beings can only do so much – even at a college.

And your beleaguered admissions staff can definitely attest to that.  

Given the Herculean task of keeping up with both the management of applications and student enrollment data, as well as marketing the institution to potential new students, they do what they can, and then some.

Manually inputting data…dealing with data quality headaches…fighting through integration hassles…wasting time looking up data in disparate databases…coming up with creative workarounds to keep the data straight…trying to fit marketing in somewhere…   

Come to think of it, they do already push the limits of human endurance!

But just imagine if you could give them a little boost – something to make those human limits a little less restrictive – and add some extra time back into their day.

Nope, we’re not talking about rejiggering Daylight Savings Time. We’re talking about a simple process automation that can relieve stress, get your data processed more quickly and accurately, and free up time for more strategic activities.

We’re talking about integration via the Illuminate platform.

We know, we know, you’ve already got integrations in place. But hear us out.

Illuminate is an API Management Platform that elegantly integrates every single one of your institution’s apps, databases, and programs, so that they can all communicate in real-time. Its IDMatch add-on module handles data quality assurance, preventing duplicate student records and finding errors. 

So just imagine:

Instead of spending time manually inputting data for a new student’s enrollment, only to find out that the student actually already exists in the system under a slightly different name, thus skewing the analytics data and creating another headache as the two records now need to be manually merged, and despairing because those marketing materials still need to be finalized and mailed out sometime this week…

…your staff can be laser-focused on strategic marketing activities based on your newly accurate, real-time admissions data, while Illuminate and IDMatch hum away in the background, instantly sending all the data input by applicants online directly to the correct apps and databases and checking it automatically against existing records for duplicates and errors.

For a modest monthly subscription fee, it’s like hiring an entire second admissions team to take over the tedious data management tasks sucking the time away from your current staff. 

And to be honest, you do get an entirely new team on your side when you use the Illuminate platform. N2N’s customer support is second to none, and we are always just a phone call away.

So while we can’t actually help you defy the limitations of human existence, we can help you make that existence much more pleasant for your admissions staff – and everyone at your institution. And that may be just as good. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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