Move Over, Beowulf! or The Battle With Integration

Move Over, Beowulf! or The Battle With Integration

It’s not often that we share news of our own scholarly achievements here at N2N – we’re usually happy to stay mostly behind-the-scenes, supplying the tools and platforms that enable others to succeed academically.

But we recently made a discovery we’re too excited not to share…and grant us a wee bit of poetic license here 😉 

On a recent trip to the UK, a member of the N2N team happened to notice a medieval-looking manuscript on display in the private library of a manor house. Upon further investigation, it turned out that it was written in Old English and had never been translated by an expert, for fear it would be damaged in transit.     

Luckily, our intrepid team member happens to be fluent in Old English, and was able to translate the text on the spot.

Intriguingly, the manuscript contained references to modern technology, and the medieval poet seemed to have an astonishing grasp of the challenges today’s university and college IT teams face, “The Battle With Integration.”

Now, it’s true that said team member had consumed some fairly strong beverages before his translation was made, but in spite of that, we are confident that the below accurately reflects the poet’s words.



Move Over, Beowulf!

Hark! We have heard/tales of IT Teams

Deftly defending/the mead halls they hold.

Their CIOs led them/to glory in battle

As war after tech war/was waged and won.

From clouds in computing/to wifi in walls,

These heroes have met/the challenge of change.


But now a new enemy/stalks CIOs.

From the mist-covered marshes/a monster comes forth –

Accursed Integration!/That bane of IT teams,

Devouring their treasure,/and taking up time.

One famed CIO,/Hrothgar by name,

Put out a call/to be saved from this beast.


A new hero answered,/move o’er, Beowulf!

N2N’s team/strode into the mead hall,

Boasting of besting/Integration’s foul wiles.

For they had the cunning,/the tools and the platform,

The weapon to wound/ Integration’s dark reign.

ILLUMINATE held/the hope they so craved.


Warriors wise,/they had helped many mead halls

Integrate apps/and so conquer their foe.

Whether SIS or SaaS/on-premise or cloud,

All Hrothgar’s programs/they worked to unite.

Now data flows freely,/with APIs humming,

The monster’s o’erthrown!/Their mead hall is safe.


We have to admit, we’re pretty thrilled that some medieval poet took it upon himself to write so favorably about us! Talk about a great case study!

If your mead hall is being threatened by the monster of integration, take a page out of Hrothgar’s book and give N2N a call today!

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