N2N’s Illuminate: Integration By Higher Ed, For Higher Ed

N2N’s Illuminate: Integration By Higher Ed, For Higher Ed

Higher ed is a world unto itself.

Sure, it shares a few characteristics with for-profit businesses…a few with nonprofits…a few with K-12 schools.

But the world of academia is unique.

You know this.

We know this.

And yet, so often, solutions and apps created to manage data for businesses or other kinds of organizations are marketed to colleges and universities as if there were no difference at all.

And since those solutions often come from well-known companies, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking they’ll work just as well in higher ed.

But the truth is…they don’t.

You know this.

We know this.

One of the most common things we hear from new clients is that they tried to work with a company whose services and solutions weren’t tailored to higher ed, and because that went so badly, they went out looking specifically for a company with two crucial attributes:

  1. Solutions made especially for the unique needs of higher ed
  2. Experience working with universities and colleges to set up and implement those solutions.

And they find precisely that at N2N – and more.

At N2N, we know higher ed.

We know your unique needs, your unique structures, your unique challenges and frustrations.

We provide integration for higher ed, by higher ed.

Not only were our integration solutions developed 100% with higher ed in mind, but we even have team members who come from a higher ed background themselves, and have firsthand knowledge of the exact issues facing higher ed in IT.

And perhaps even more importantly than that, N2N has years of experience working with higher ed institutions large and small, from single schools to statewide systems, addressing their unique needs and solving their unique problems with our flagship solution, the Illuminate platform.

So how exactly can we help your institution of higher ed?

We tame the chaos of data.

You’ve got cloud databases, legacy on-premise systems, and miscellaneous SaaS apps being added all the time. You need your data to flow seamlessly between them all – but right now, it’s not flowing.

Someone has to enter data manually into a certain program.

Someone needs to custom code an integration for that new app.

Queries take ages because they’re so complex.

Data quality is suffering because there’s no way to check it all as it moves from application to application.

Innovation is stalled because no one can make your new ideas a reality.

N2N solves each and every one of these problems, and more.

Our Illuminate API management platform makes integrating all your apps and programs a snap – no time-consuming and expensive custom coding necessary. We can automate data transfer, put data quality assurance protocols in place, streamline queries, support your innovative projects, and more. We’ll help you customize and implement the integration solution that’s right for you

We understand higher ed, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to help you with any challenge you’re facing.  So give us a call today for a free demo and more info about how we can help your institution.

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