We Dare You To Visit Us At Elive 2019 and NOT Make Changes At Your Institution

We Dare You To Visit Us At Elive 2019 and NOT Make Changes At Your Institution

When was the last time you went to a conference, talked to a vendor at a booth for a few minutes…and then went back home and immediately started making major, earth-shattering changes at your institution based on that conversation?

It may not be common, but it’s a story we hear from our clients all the time.

See, at N2N, we offer something much more than a product or service.

We offer inspiration.

We offer possibilities.

We offer a brighter future.

And it all starts with that Aha! moment at a conference like Elive.

Many of our clients have told us that they didn’t even know they needed a solution like the one we offer – didn’t even know something like it existed. They had been trying to solve a problem on their own, struggling to cobble together solutions in-house, or hiring various vendors. But nothing worked.

And then they visited our booth at Elive.



They hurry home to implement sweeping changes, and are universally thrilled with the results.

So what is it that N2N offers them, that has such an impact?

The Illuminate Platform.

Illuminate is beautiful in its simplicity, really.

But that’s also what makes it so powerful.

It’s an API Management Platform, which means that it allows users to integrate any apps, databases, systems, and programs at all – whether it’s a legacy, on-premise SIS that needs to be integrated with a brand new SaaS app, or several cloud-based programs that need to be able to communicate.

And when we say “users,” we’re not talking IT guys or programmers.

Nope, Illuminate lets anyone – seriously, anyone – integrate apps and programs in minutes, with no coding required.

You read that right. No hiring programmers for weeks of coding, no IT department swamped with integration work for months – Illuminate allows regular folks to easily snap pre-built APIs together in minutes, and get applications communicating in no time.

Trying to integrate Slate with Banner? PowerCampus with Modo Labs or Coursedog? Want any student data feed to automatically be shared with the databases that need that info, so your team can focus on work more important and strategic than data entry and data quality assurance?

Then you need to get yourself over to our booth, number 935, at Elive, post haste.

We’ll tell you more about Illuminate, and answer any questions you might have. We’ll share stories, like the one about California Community College’s Online Education Initiative, where Illuminate will make it possible for the State of California to offer 2 million students a simple way to shop online for courses offered at any of the 114 institutions in the California Community College system, no matter where they are enrolled as their home college. N2N is implementing the infrastructure for the community colleges to provide real-time data exchange for course searches and the cross enrollment application.

And all this can come from just a few minutes of chatting at Elive.

So what on earth are you waiting for?! Make a note in your planner – put it on your calendar – set a reminder on your phone – heck, tie a string around your finger if you need to! Just make absolutely sure you stop by the N2N booth, number 935, at Elive 2019.

We dare you to chat with us and not make any changes afterward.

See you there.

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