Your Data Warehouse may be Dangerous

Your Data Warehouse may be Dangerous

So, you’ve got a lot of data, eh?

A big ol’ data warehouse?

It’ll be great, they said.

It’ll help you make business decisions. It’ll boost your bottom line. It’ll pave the way to your future, while saving you time and money, they said.

How’s that working out for ya?

Sure, in a perfect world, your data warehouse would be humming along just fine, assimilating data from multiple different sources, assuring data quality, and giving you analytical insights you can take to the bank.

But in reality? You’re most likely dealing with hassle after hassle, headache after headache.

Oh, those were duplicate records? Darn…

Wait, we’re missing data? How did that happen?

You mean we based those projections and strategies on incomplete or faulty data? Oh no!

The hard truth is, your data warehouse is useless – and worse than useless, harmful – if the data quality is poor.

But for such a mammoth system as a data warehouse, what complex measures would have to be taken in order to fix all the issues?

Well, you could pay programmers to custom code your way out of the mess, consuming resources and probably still not getting quite the solution you were hoping for…

Or you could try a simple, quick, affordable, and elegant solution instead – the Illuminate platform.

Illuminate is an API Management Platform that can integrate all your data feeds, all your shiny new SaaS apps and your creaky legacy systems, and get all that information flowing into your data warehouse effortlessly – and flawlessly – in real-time. Data quality is not an issue, because Illuminate can sort data based on any parameters you choose, to filter out duplicates or errors, and transform or mask data from the source system before sending to the warehouse.

Sound too good to be true?

The reason Illuminate can do all this so quickly and easily is that it comes prebuilt with API building blocks that anyone can intuitively snap together in minutes to build those connections. That’s right – anyone. Not just programmers or IT professionals – anyone. In minutes.

Of course, if you’ve got a data warehousing set-up that you’d prefer professional help with, we here at N2N are more than happy to oblige.  We can work with you to make sure Illuminate is configured exactly according to your needs, connecting the right apps and data feeds into your data warehouse, and ensuring data quality.

We’ve done that for many clients, such as Dunwoody College of Technology, where we integrated Ellucian PowerCampus with Macmillan Learning to enable automated, scheduled SIS to SaaS web-service transfers and also allow for easy .CSV data extraction.

We did it for Waubonsee Community College, which needed a way to ensure data quality and prevent duplicate records.

We’re currently working with the California Community College System and the Florida Virtual Campus to implement the infrastructure for each institution in their systems to provide real-time data exchange for course searches and a cross enrollment application to allow students from any campus to search and register for online classes offered by any other campus.

And we can help your institution with your needs, too. Whether that’s populating a data warehouse or integrating applications to one another.

Just fill out this quick contact form and we can set up a free demo. We’d love to chat about your data warehousing needs, and show you exactly what we can do for you.

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